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A Pivot

Originally when I started this blog I was frustrated with the Data Science Interview process, having been in it for a number of months. However, shortly after starting this blog I was hired on full time by SpaceX, and as a consequence stopped seeking interviews.

Where this put me

As luck would have it I was fortunate enough to be placed into a data heavy department. My day now heavily consists of data mining, visualizations, and data storytelling all facilitated with heavy use of SQL, Javascript, Python, Tableau and whatever else it takes. While I don't have the data scientist title I get asked to do data science things daily. And as you may have guessed I have no issues with this :)

Where this leaves you (and this blog)

Instead of focusing specifically on the data scientist interview I'll focus more on the topics that come up during the course of my work. For instance I had to create a visualization in D3 which required zoom As is such this blog for the time being this blog will focus more on data challenges present in the enterprise environment and moreso on manufacturing and supply chain. I hope you still find the articles informative and useful and as always feel free to use Github or LinkedIn to send me feedback!