Hi, I'm Ravin

I am a data scientist at Google where I use data to inform decisions, although all my opinions here are my own. I have previously worked at Sweetgreen, designing systems that would benefit team members and communities through sustainable and healthy food, and SpaceX, creating tools that would ultimately launch rocket ships. I feel fortunate to have worked with amazing teams throughout my career.

There are 3 things I strive to be:

  1. An expert computational mathematician
  2. An effective community member and leader
  3. A knowledge contributor

I always thought it was cool that people would come together and use math to build awesome things, whether it be rocket ships or computational statistics libraries. One of my most rewarding experiences came from contributing to the open source community. Since then, I have been a core contributor to ArviZ and PyMC3.

I believe in the possibility of creating great outcomes with math. The variety and volume of data has increased faster than the knowledge of how to make full use of it, and I am working to fill the gap. You'll see my public efforts in my open source profile and data conferences. I enjoy sharing my knowledge at various talks, such as SciPy and PyData.

I also published a book about Bayesian Statistics and am working on an upcoming statistics course.

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