Hi, I'm Ravin

About Me

I am a data scientist at Google. My focus is supporting strategic decision making with data, although all my opinions here are my own. Previously, I worked at Sweetgreen and SpaceX, doing the same line of work as now but on different applications, which is using data to inform staffing strategy and rocket launch cadence.

To become a better "decision" scientist, I'm currently focusing on three topics:

  1. Organizational influence and leadership
  2. Advanced applied mathematics, e.g. Causal Inference, Decision Theory
  3. Knowledge of business processes

I like to share and teach the skills I've found useful from my career, whether it be here or in my blog, on YouTube, or as part of my course series.

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I also contribute heavily to open source, mainly with ArviZ and PyMC.

I'm always happy to connect with interested folks. Feel free to reach out anytime.

My Ongoing Work

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See my work

Bayesian Modeling and Computation in Python

I co-authored a free textbook on statistical modeling.

Courses in Intuitive Statistics

I co-developed courses for professionals looking to learn applied statistics hand-on.

Other Resources